December Club Meeting Minutes – 12.11.17

The December 2017 meeting of the Dublin 4-H Club was called to order by: Ananya Varshneya, President at 6:43 pm on 12-11-17 at Dublin San Ramon Services District
Flag salute and 4-H pledge led by: Simran, Rushil
Action on Previous Meeting’s Minutes – Approval: Motion-Kruthi   2nd- Leo

Treasurer’s Report: Mukul
Beginning Balance     
Club: 3322.57    Puppets: 539.56     Total: 3862.58
Income : Registration: 276.00      Cake Booth: 256.27    
Expenses: 37.85 ( paid:  approved in  Sept)                         
Needs Approval
Printing: Oct & Nov $20.00         Go-Daddy Web Page Renewal: 242.08  
Expenses to be approved: 262.08      Motion: Kruthi     2nd: Xander       Voted: Yes
Ending Balance: Club: 3817.44      Puppets: 539.56       Total: 4357.00 (before pending expenses)

Minutes: Rhea   (Corrections) Ria and Aryan turned 12, not 11.       Motion: Simran    2nd: Leo      Voted:Approved as corrected.

Correspondence: Rhea
Birthdays this month : Leo-11 on 30th, Lisa-18 on 9th. Members sang Happy Birthday

Recreation: Leo
We played a  game called Down By the Banks. We had to put one hand on top of the person on our right and one hand under the person on our left. A song is sung and you have to hit the hand of the person on your left. The person whose hand got hit when the song is over is out.

Old Business:
Food Bank – Rhea, Amrit, Aryan, Simran: They asked people to donate $10 to families in need for Thanksgiving. They stood outside of Safeway for two hours. It counted as community service in their record books. Lots of people donated.
Kids to Kids – Ananya, Gemma, Kruthi, Sruthi: They helped little kids make crafts. They liked the experience and it was nice to see smiles on kids’ faces. They were at snowflake, reindeer and paper links stations. Gemma wrapped presents. She had to figure out the best way to wrap presents that they had picked.
4-H 101- Akanksha: It was put together by All Stars, and took place on Dec. 1st in Livermore. The first half  consisted of conferences and talks regarding record books, community service and presentations. The second half had an alumni panel who were active in various things such as livestock, leadership, camp academy, and they  shared 4-H experiences. Not many people attended.
National Day of Science- Harini: It was on Tuesday Nov. 7th at Canyon Middle School. The goal was to create a wearable fitness tracker and test it. There were four parts to the tracker: power source, microprocessor, pulse oximeter, and tilt sensor. Felt bands, velcro were used to make it wearable. They learned what everything measured and how it worked. They also experimented and collected data to find the best possible way to wear the fitness tracker.

New Business:
Presentation Day: It’s coming up on February 3rd. You need 4 presentations to get a bronze star. It’s a great opportunity to do so. You need to register by Jan. 20th, and it takes place at Forest Park Elementary School in Fremont.
Shriners Toy Drive: Takes place on Dec. 18th. All those who sign up, go to Target and shop for different toys that the kids at Shriners hospital might want. The gifts get distributed at the hospital throughout the year. This counts as Community Service in your record book.
Newsletter Quiz: We also had the Newsletter Quiz, where Ananya asked the questions. Whoever raised their hands first got called on and received a round of applause.
White Elephant Gift Exchange: We need a motion to do this at the January meeting. Kruthi moved to approve the party, and Mukul seconded it. The club voted yes. Mukul is the chair for the event.
Practicing Presentations: Next month’s meeting is a great opportunity to practice your presentation. It will count as one presentation in your record book.

Program: Prashansa
Prashansa had a Healthy Living Activity in which she gave us two foods and told us to guess which one had more sugar. Both the groups had to discuss and come up with a guess of how much sugar was in the food. There was a quiz at the end that included all of the foods and how much sugar they had.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:44 p.m.
Date:  12- 19 -17


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