February Club Meeting Minutes – 2.12.18


The February 2018 meeting of the Dublin 4-H Club was called to order by: Ananya Varshneya, President at 6:43 pm on 2-12-18 at Dublin San Ramon Services District
Flag salute and 4-H pledge led by: Leo and Sanjana
Action on Previous Meeting’s Minutes – Approval: Motion- Leo 2nd- Anvita

Guests: Jade, 15, Dublin High School, favorite cheese is Parmesan
Parents of Harishi.

Treasurer’s Report: Mukul
Beginning Bal.
Club 3761.91   Puppets 539.56  Total: 47301.47
Club Store 51.75      Registration: Shashank 69.00     Redeposit uncashed cks. 252.00
Total Income: $372.75
4-H Signs $15.00      Refund Regis. Overpay. $69.00     Sharon – Toys 296.35
Leaders Council 1991.00       Puppet Supplies 15.99 Total Expenses: $ 2387.34
Ending Balance:
Club $ 2302.87     Puppets $ 523.57
Bills to Pay: Motion – Leo     2nd – (Were there any bills to pay?)

Correspondence: Rhea
Birthdays this month : Namitha, turning 7 on 27th
Kids to Kids Thank You: Our club received a thank you note from Margaret Miller, the coordinator of Kids to Kids (which took place on December 9th). She wanted to appreciate the help that our club gave. Our club (along with many others) helped the kids to make crafts, receive gifts, and meet/take a picture with Santa.
Shutterfly – Tricia: Tricia talked about how it’s important for the members to put their project meeting dates on the Shutterfly calendar. Members need to know when meetings are and parents need to make sure that they are actually able to attend the meeting. If you aren’t signed up for Shutterfly, talk to Tricia!

Recreation: Leo
We watched the February Video Bulletin, and then we played a game called Giants, Elves and Wizards. It was a rock, paper, scissors game, where everyone started out as either a giant, wizard or elves. The different characters continued to beat each other, and if you lost, you sat down. The last one standing was the winner.

Old Business:
Presentation Day – Tanish: He went to County Presentation Day gave a presentation about chemical reactions. He talked about why they happen. He was nervous and excited, and he got a gold and will be moving on the sectionals. It was super fun!
Interview Contest – Kruthi: She participated in the interview contest at county presentation day. She applied for the position of pottery maker. The interviewers asked her why she was qualified, her experience, and other questions. It was super stressful and not a piece of cake, but was able to make it through and recommends that you do it.  She also got a Gold for the Interview Contest.
Goat Field Day – Prashansa: She went to Goat Field Day, which was on January 22nd. It was held at UC  Davis. They showed how to take out the horns of a goat (you have to burn the horns) which is called disbudding. She saw goats and pet them. They also found out that the goat was pregnant by doing an ultrasound.

New Business:
Sectional Field Day: All attendees at County that qualified to go to Sectionals can go, except primary entrée. It will take place on March 24 (San Luis Obispo) or April 7. You must register and can enter Interview Contest without competing first at county.
St. Patrick’s Day Parade: It is on March 17, and we have been invited to join Fair Unit. Do we still want to decorate a vehicle? We would need committee and chair. We got a vehicle (7-seater van) and sign ups were passed around. (Did we get a chair and advisor?) Who volunteered the van?
Fun Run: It is on March 18th, and the city will send more information about it soon. Those who signed up will get information about whatever position they signed up for. Not everyone will get the position that they signed up for.
Skit Morning – Sharon: Skit morning is on April 21st (instead of Skit Night). The Rising Stars project is in charge of it. There is a pancake breakfast from 9:00 to 10:30, and then the skits start. We can do a club skit, improv skit, short skit and others. It also counts as a presentation towards your record book. The theme for the club skit is “Around the World and Back Again”.
All Star Applications Available – Akanksha: They all star apps are out as of now they are on the county website and you can email Cheryl Frasier and Sharon has one. You lead county events, go to leaders council and know what is going on in the county. You need your gold star to apply

Program: Presentations by:
Ananya P: She did an illustrated on the Science of Baking. She talked about how the different components of cake turn it into the final product, such as flour, eggs, baking soda/powder, butter, milk, and sugar. She also talked about the heat in the oven affects the cake.
Shriya: She did an illustrated talk about gymnastics. She talked about the history of it and the types of stretches she does. She also talked about the benefits of gymnastics.
Kruthi and Sruthi: They did a presentation on how to frost cupcakes where they taught the basics of cupcake frosting. They also talked about the differences between buttercream and royal icing and different piping techniques. At the end, they demonstrated how to have a fun fantastic frosting adventure (and pipe cupcakes).

Meeting Adjourned:
Date: 2-12-18

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