January Club Meeting Minutes – 1.8.17


The January 2018 meeting of the Dublin 4-H Club was called to order by: Ananya Varshneya, President at 6:41 pm on 1-8-18 at Dublin San Ramon Services District
Flag salute and 4-H pledge led by: Anvita and Harini
Action on Previous Meeting’s Minutes – Approval: Motion-Leo  2nd-Xander

Treasurer’s Report: Mukul
Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance: $3817.44        Puppets: $539.56            Total: $4367.00
Income: $207.00    (Registrations)
GoDaddy: $242.08    Printing: $20.00        Total: $262.08
Ending Balance
Club: $3762.36       Puppet 539.56
Bills to approve
Toys: $281.35       Signs: $15.00       Puppet Cape: $15.99  (from puppet acct)
Motion: Kruthi    2nd: Leo     Vote: All in favor

Correspondence: Rhea
Birthdays this month : Rhea-15 on 14th, Sanjana- 12 on  20th . Members sang Happy Birthday.
Fun Run: Sharon received a letter from Liz Elliott, the director of the Shamrock Fun Run. In the letter, she is asking our club for volunteers and help at the event. She states that volunteering at the Fun Run is a great way for our club to make more money. Because volunteer spots fill up quickly, she has reserved 10 slots for club members ages 15 and below and 8 slots for members ages 16 to 17. There are no limits on adult volunteers. Any volunteers that exceed the slots are welcome to help out, but won’t be able to earn the club any money.
Swine Field Day: It is on January 27th at Sunol Glen School from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. This can be a good event attended for your record book, and it’s great for anyone who is interested in raising a pig.
Skit Night Theme: The Alameda County Club leaders decided that the skit night theme this year is going to be “Around the World (and Back Again)”. The date and location haven’t been finalized yet. They are also planning a pancake breakfast fundraiser, and will get out more information on that as the details are worked out.

Recreation: Leo
We played a game called Silent ball. Everyone was spread out throughout the room. The object of the game was to throw the ball from member to member by pointing at who you wanted to throw to and throwing it to them. You weren’t allowed to talk. If you talked, didn’t point, threw badly, or dropped the ball, you were out of the game. We played until there were three members left. And time ran out.

Old Business:
Shriners Toy Drive – Ria: In December, Kruthi, Aryan and Harini and Ria met up with Sharon at the East Dublin Target. They had a budget of $300 to buy toys for the children at Shriners hospital. They treat children with medical problems even if they can’t pay the bills. The members bought toys and recorded how much they cost. All of the toys ended up being under budget.

New Business:
Fun Run Sign-Ups: Sign ups were passed around. It is on March 18th. It is a fundraiser for 4-H. Also, it counts as a committee in your record book and for Super 4-H award.
Parade: We may need a truck for the event and we need people to help out with the float. We will also need a committee. Sign ups will be passed around at next month’s meeting. We will also assist with the Alameda County Fair Entry.
Presentation Day – Prashansa: Because it’s coming up and some people want to present but don’t know what to do, she gave some examples. Interpretive reading: needs an intro and conclusion about the book you chose to read. Prepared speech: a speech about a topic you like. You need an intro and conclusion as well as examples. There is a time limit based on your age. Interview contest: you need a resume and cover letter, and need to wear interview attire. Illustrated talk: you can do this with boards or a powerpoint. You can do some presentations with a partner. Demonstration:you can do this with partner. You need materials and procedure board, intro and conclusion. Share the fun: this is a group presentation. It can be a skit, song or a play. Cultural arts: this can be in a group or individual presentation. It shows a cultural talent or tradition (dances or music). Check out manual if you want to learn more!  You must register for event by Jan. 20th.

Program: Presentations by:
Poorna – Interpretive Reading “If you Give a Mouse an iPhone…”
Harini – Informative Speech “Smartest Creatures” a presentation about the intelligence of dolphins
Mukul – Illustrated Talk “Colonizing Space” talked about threats in space and saving the human race by colonizing Mars, and how we could do it.

White Elephant: After the meeting was adjourned, the club did a White Elephant. Those who brought gifts put them in the center. If your name was picked, you got to either choose a new gift from the middle or steal someone else’s gift. A gift can only be stolen twice. At the end, everyone ended up with a gift.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. (Don’t forget to count the White Elephant party in your record book as an Event Attended.)

Meeting Adjourned:7:58
Date: 1-8-18


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