March Club Meeting Minutes – 3.12.18



The February 2018 meeting of the Dublin 4-H Club was called to order by: Ananya Varshneya, President at 6:42 pm on 3-12-18 at Dublin San Ramon Services District
Flag salute and 4-H pledge led by: Aryan and Ria
Action on Previous Meeting’s Minutes – Approval:Motion- Leo 2nd- Sruthi

Guests/New Members:  Jade, official new member

Treasurer’s Report: Mukul
Corrected Beginning Balance:
Club: $1763.31      Puppets 523.57 Total: 2286.88
Registration 2 Members $138.00        Expenses: None
Club: 1901.31 Puppets: $523.57      Total Balance: $2424.88
Bills to be approved: Puppets: $ 34.94          Club Supplies $ 5.48.
Motion: Leo       2nd: Xander

Correspondence: Rhea
Birthdays this month : None

Recreation: Leo
We watched the March Video Bulletin, and then we played a game called Eye Contact. This involved everyone standing in a circle and starting looking down at the ground. When Leo said “up” everyone had to look up and make eye contact with someone. If you made eye contact with the same person, both of you are out. Whoever is the last person standing wins.

Old Business:
St, Patrick’s Day Parade – Kruthi: The parade is on March 17th. You can come early to help decorate the truck. You can either walk in the parade or ride in the truck. We will be doing this with the fair. We will be handing out things that the fair has to give out. The parade goes along Dublin Blvd. It is this Saturday at 9:30. Be there at 8:30, otherwise the traffic will get bad!
Fun Run Update- Sharon: The forecast says that it’s likely to rain this year, so bring umbrella just in case. They will be sending out an email saying when you have to be there and where you have to be (depending on your position). Also, you may have to switch positions depending on how many people there are. Make sure to sign in and out so that 4-H gets the money!
Sectional Presentation Day: We are not sure if they are going to be having an interview contest this year, but if you qualified for County Presentation Day you can go! There are three different areas where it is happening (Antioch, San Luis Obispo and ___). If you didn’t qualify or still want to go, you can still get credit if you sign up to be a room host, runner or evaluator. We may still have an interview contest if someone steps up to run it. Let Barbara know if you would like to volunteer to do it. You will get leadership credit, as well as event attended!
Skit Morning & Pancake Breakfast: The skit does not count as a presentation. If you need the link for more information, it is in both the VB and newsletter. The theme is Around the World and Back Again. We need to decide if the group of people want to get together and make a club skit. Harini, Gemma, Kruthi and Sruthi are going to be in a skit. Sruthi and Kuthi will be the co-leaders, and Sruthi’s mom will be the adult advisor.

New Business:
Petting Zoo: It is on March 31st, from 10-3 pm. It’s a public event and in Dunsmuir House, Oakland. It’s called the “Jumpin Bunny Festival”. If you decide to attend, wear your 4-H shirt and tell them that you are helping out for the 4-H petting zoo. You can also bring a small anima (if you have one). It counts as a community service!
Small Animal Field Day: If you need credit for presentation, event attended, community service or leadership, Small Animal Field Day is the place. You get credit if you’re on the committee. If you would like to participate, make sure to register! It’s on April 28th. If you put together an animal presentation, it can count as a presentation. It’s at the Alameda County Fairgrounds – super accessible and easy to attend.
Fun Run: It is on March 18th, and the city will send more information about it soon. Those who signed up will get information about whatever position they signed up for. It is possible that not everyone will get the position that they signed up for.

Talks and Presentations:
Teen Job Fair – Harini: Harini went to the job fair at the Pleasanton Senior Center. There were booths where organizations advertised if they needed help with their projects, and you could sign up to help. There was a mock interview, and there were many workshops. A lot of the booths were for lifeguards, swim instructors and camp counselors, so you needed to be at least 14 or 15 years old. She attended workshop about interview techniques. It helped a lot told a lot of good information!
Puppet Show – Kruthi: In February, she attended the Alice in Wonderland puppet show by Deluxe Puppets at Livermore Arts Theater. They had life size puppets and projected different things onto the screen when the scene or location changed. Everything (except Alice) was a puppet played by Derrick Lux. During the show she saw that when he was playing the Queen of Hearts, his mike fell off when he was dancing and improved to get his ear microphone. It was amazing!
April Spring/Easter Potluck: Aryan and Ria will be co-chairing the April Potluck. Hitesh will be their adults advisor.
Prashansa’s Win: On Saturday she went to a place where you compete to win a big award with your animals. She competed in showmanship with her dog against some other people, and she won! She met cute bunnies, guinea pigs and chickens too. It was in a clinic where you learn how to do showmanship. Prashansa won all around showmanship, which is an all around award. She got a plaque as well.
Robotics Training: It is in Google (Mountain View) on April 7.
Puppet Project Meetings: They are in the week of Easter.
Next Officer’s Meeting: It is on March 31st at 7pm. It may be at a place other than Sharon’s house. Any member can go to an officer’s meeting if they missed a previous meeting.

Xander and Namitha: The primary kids made rockets. The meeting was on February 25th at Sharon’s house. He knew he would make rockets, but didn’t know why they made rockets. They made them because there was an island hit by a tsunami that destroyed all of the food, docks and runways. They had to make the rockets use paper, stickers, tissue paper, markers, raisins (for the food because they are bringing food for them), bag for food, cork, tape, tube and scissors. They first got the tube and wrapped it in paper to make body. They put the cork in one side of the tube. They cut out the fins and assembled the top and taped it together. Then they decorated. After, they went outside and blasted the rocket into the air, aiming for the “island” which was 25 feet away.
Meeting Adjourned: 7:48
Date: 3-12-18


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