November Club Meeting Minutes – 11.13.17

The November 2017 meeting of the Dublin 4-H Club was called to order by: Ananya Varshneya, President at 6:55 pm on 11-13-17 at Highland Oaks Cabana Club.
Flag salute and 4-H pledge led by: Prashansa & Saige
Action on Previous Meeting’s Minutes – Approval: Motion-Kruthi  2nd- Chinmay

Treasurer’s Report: Mukul
Beginning Balance     
Club: 2912.59     Puppets 539.56     Total: 3452.15
Registration:$966.00       Club Store: 69.75     Total Income: 1035.75
Expenses                                                         Ending Balance
Bills Approved last month: $625.77               Club: $3322.57     Puppets 539.56     Total: 3862.58
We have received our Cake Booth check – not yet deposited for $ 256.27

Correspondence: Rhea
Birthdays: Amrit-10 on 4th, Shriya-7 on 6th, Aryan- 11 on 20th, Ria- 11 on 20th, Kruthi-12 on 9th

Initiation of New Members: The following new members were initiated into our club: Namitha Badami, Xander Barton, Lucey and Saige Konnoff-Phillips, Kruthi Kumar, Hrishi Modi, Harini Muthu, and Gemma Washington

Old Business:
Skate Night – Xander: Skate Night was at Golden Skate Rink. There was Halloween costume contest at the end and you could win prizes. There were also games, and going with your friends makes it better. It was lots of fun and a good experience.  
Red Ribbon Week – Rushil: We tied ribbons around trees in front of Amador Elementary school. There were six people including Anvita, Simran and I. It’s good to participate for community service.
Achievement Night –  Poorna: It was on October 20th. The primary members got awards first. We got certificates and stars. Also, we played bingo and ate ice cream and cake.
Puppet Show – Sruthi: It was on Friday October 13th. We performed a puppet show at Genius Kids in San Ramon. We put on 4 skits. We set up after school. Some of the skits were interactive. The kids got to talk to the puppets and ask us questions at the end

New Business:
Food Drive – It is on November 18th. People stand in front of Safeway and hand out flyers about donating $10 to feed a family on Thanksgiving. There are 2 hour shifts and it’s good for community service in your record book.
Kids to Kids –  It is on December 9th at Livermore high school. Organizations in the tri valley that serve underprivileged families are invited to this event. There are different booths with crafts, as well as Santa Claus. We voted to go as helpers for other booths instead of having our own booth. There is also a gift wrapping event on December 2nd.
Presentation Day – It’s on February 3rd at Forest Parks Elementary School in Fremont. It’s an event where you can get presentation credits, which are needed for a bronze star and more. The public speaking project is working on presentations for the event. You don’t have to be in Public Speaking to do a presentation.  See the Presentation Manual on the State Web Site for all the different types of Presentations you can do.

4-H 101 – Akanksha: The all stars are putting on an event called 4-H 101in Livermore. There are family activities, workshops, refreshments and alumni panel. There will be record book presentations and information on the fair, camp and other summer activities. There is also karaoke, team building and balloon games. It is an event for new members who don’t know much about  4-H.  
New Member Adoption – 4-H can be confusing for new members, and it would be nice if older members could take them under their wings. That way new members would have a friend to sit with at parties and potlucks as well as know what’s going on in the club. Older members please let us know if you would like to adopt a new member, or new member, let us know if you want to be adopted.
Science Matters – Cheryl: There is an event at the Bayer Corporation’s research and development building  in Berkeley. Volunteers that want to lead a group of teens in a project are needed for the event. They will investigate and find issues in the community that can be solved with science. The solutions will be presented at various events. There is also an all-expenses paid trip to Maryland for winners. If you are interested in participating let Cheryl know.
Program: Cheryl Fraser, Alameda County 4-H representative, talked about helping the community club leader. Most clubs have 4 community club leaders, while ours only has one. We need some parents to step up and help Sharon with her duties as community club leader. Also, the primary members shared their craft projects. They made a treehouse, pumpkin cafe, and a ship.

Meeting Adjourned:  8:11 p.m.
Date:  11-17-18


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