October Club Meeting Minutes – 10.14.17

The October 2017 meeting of the Dublin 4-H Club was called to order by: Ananya Varshneya, President  at 6:42 pm on 10-14-17 at Dublin San Ramon Services District
Flag salute and 4-H pledge led by: Ananya P, and  Kruthi
Action on Previous Meeting’s Minutes – Approval: Motion- Simran  2nd- Leo

Treasurer’s Report  by Mukul(Include expenditures and income since last meeting and current balance):  
Beginning Balance: 2334.29     Puppets: 539.56     Total: 2873.25
Income: 635.15     (Enrollment and Club Store supplies)
Expenses: 56.85 – 4-H Supplies
Ending Balance:  Club: 2912.59     Puppets:  539.56    Total: 3452.15
Bills to Pay: Motion- Leo 2nd- Kruthi   To: Sharon Clay – hats, scarves & ties: 503.42   T-Shirts: 122.35

Correspondence: Rhea
Birthdays: Ananya, 15 on 8th , Chinmay, 15 on 8th , and Ananya P, 13 on 21st
Thank you notes: Because the All-Stars Akanksha and Anika performed the officer installation at the last meeting, thank you notes were sent to both of them (through snail mail, not email!).
Condolences: Dublin 4H would like to pass our condolences to the Varshneya family, as they just had a recent loss in their family. We are sorry for your loss and hope you are doing okay.

Recreation: Leo- We played a game called Detective.  In the game, there is one detective and one zombie. Everyone walks around shaking hands, but the zombie lightly scratches the hand of everyone they meet. Everyone who encounters this person dies (sits down) 10 seconds after they shake their hands. The detective’s job is to find out who the murderer is.

Old Business:
City Council Meeting – Sanjana: In honor of National 4-H week, 4-H led the Pledge of Allegiance at the Dublin City Council meeting. The members all wore their 4-H uniforms. We were given a brief introduction by mayor, and then we all came to front and removed our hats. Akanksha led everyone in the Pledge. Well done Dublin 4-H!
Alviso Adobe – Prashansa: “Alviso Adobe is a place where you do fun activities. It was on September 3rd. There was apple cider, honey and food, as well as various games and booths. For example, there was a booth to make and eat ice cream. Additionally, there were rabbits, chickens, a cow, guinea pigs and more that people could pet! I volunteered from Abbie 4-H.
Puppet Project-Visit to Fairyland – Sruthi, Ananya P, and  Kruthi: In August, we visited the Childrens’ Fairyland in Oakland. We saw puppet shows and lots of handcrafted puppets with descriptions about who they were made by and what play they are in. Also, we met two professional puppeteers and a 13 year old puppeteer prodigy. We also got to see backstage, and how a puppet show worked. All in all, we learned about how shows should look helped improve our own shows.
Skate Night – Simran:  Takes place on October 23rd, from 6:30 to 9:00. Entry fee is $7.50, but $6.50 if you bring your own skates. You wear your costumes and meet new people. It’s an actual skate rink (not ice skating!) There is also a costume contest!  It’s a Golden Skate Rink in San Ramon.
Need Hospitality and Refreshment chair – Ananya V: These two chairs cover the whole year. Hospitality chairs greet and introduce new members. They help the new members feel less nervous and give them more information about the club. A refreshment chair would direct the refreshments that we have at each meeting. They don’t have to bring the refreshments, they just coordinate who is bringing them. Arav volunteered to be the hospitality chair and Simran volunteered to be the refreshment chair.

New Business:
Rising Star Crab Cove Coastal Cleanup – Emmy Bonser: On Sunday Oct 15, Rising Stars will be hosting a beach cleanup at Crab Cove in Alameda. Emmy passed out flyers with information about the agenda, what to do and where to go. There will be a picnic, games and booths. Middle and high school students can get leadership/community service credit if they bring their paperwork. (EDIT: This event got cancelled due to poor air quality).
Red Ribbon Week – Anvita: On Sunday October 22nd at 10 am at Amador Elementary, 4-H will be tying red ribbons on trees for Red Ribbon week. We need 5-6 volunteers to hang up ribbons in certain places. This can go under either leadership (committee)  or community service in your record book.
Achievement Night: If you have a record book award, or star, or need an event attended – attend Achievement Night on Oct. 20th at Canyon Middle School, Castro Valley..  Starts at 6:30.
November Potluck: The Thanksgiving Potluck and new member initiation will take place at the next meeting. The meeting is at Highland Oaks Cabana Club. The potluck starts at 6:00, so plan to stay until 8:00 PM! We need a chair and planning, setup and cleanup committee. Chinmay volunteered to be the chair.  (Still need committee to help set up and clean up).
Historian and Helper – The club needs a historian and a Sharon helper. The historian’s’ job is to document the club’s history – they take pictures of what the club is doing and make a scrapbook at the end of the year. This can be a physical book or on Shutterfly. This position is an office, but could be a  committee. The Sharon helper is a monthly job, and sign-ups were sent around at the meeting. That person’s job is to help Sharon put things in and out of her car at club meetings.
Refreshments: You have the opportunity to get credit for being on a committee. For refreshments, you need to bring either snacks or beverages to the meetings. If you have more than one 4-H member in the family you need to do this twice in the year.  Or one member bring snacks and one bring beverages.
Food Drive: Takes place on November 18th at the West Dublin Safeway – this really helps out the community! You can get community service hours in your record book. You pass out flyers and tell shoppers about how they can donate $10  to give a bag of food or what foods the Food Bank needs. You need to sign up on EventBright (online) if you want to attend.
National Science Experiment – On November 7th Canyon Middle School, there is a science experiment in which they are making fitness trackers. This event is happening because of National Science Week. It starts at 6:45. You have the opportunity to get an event attended in your record book and go home with your own fitness tracker.
Enrollment – Tricia: If you have not paid your enrollment for the year or need a t-shirt, contact Tricia. Either cash or check is accepted, and it costs $69 per member. Our club also has a Shutterfly site to stay updated in 4-H events.
Meeting Adjourned: 7:39
Program: There was a Halloween Party. We decorated cookies and ate various snacks, and prizes were given out for the best costumes. The prizes included Funniest (won by Rushil and Chinmay), Best Animated Character (won by Gemma and Rhea), and Most Disney (won by Sruthi).
Date:  10-14-17

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