September Club Meeting Minutes – 9.10.17

The meeting of the Dublin 4-H Club was called to order by: Akanksha Ravi, 2016-17 President

At 6:40 pm on 9-10-17 at Dublin San Ramon Services District

Flag salute and 4-H pledge led by: Leo and Xander

Action on Previous Meeting’s Minutes: Motion to pay bills – Simran       Second – Chinmay

Treasurer’s Report (Include expenditures and income since last meeting and current balance):  
Beginning Balance: May- July
Club: 2171.65    Puppets: 535.56   Total: 2711.21
Pre Fair Tickets: 1642.00   Fair Tickets Rebate: 150.00  Club Store Sales: 124.75  Total: 1916.75
Enrollment: 63.00     Pre-fair Tickets: 1642.00    4H Supplies: 49.11    
Deposit for Highland Oaks: 100.00    Prev. Deposit returned: 100.00   Total: 1751.11
Ending Balance:
Club: 2334.29      Puppets: 535.56

Correspondence: Ananya
    Birthdays: Rushil, turning 10 on 16
                     Sruthi, turning 12 on 03
                     Simran, turning 14 on 14
                     Arav, turning 14 on 17

Recreation: Leo- a fun repeat after me song about Tarzan, Jane, and different animals in the forest.

Refreshments: Supplied by the Varshneya family and the Mistry family

Old Business: Prashansa – State Field Day – On May 27, at UC Davis. There were many different contests that were held and a variety of awards were given out to the winners of the contests.
Mukul – State Fair – Mukul presented his presentation (which he also presented at Field Day) and the fair had a variety of activities, including a large waterpark.
Leo – 4H Camp – The camp lasted for 5 days, and only three people from Dublin 4H attended. There were many different activities, and Leo’s favorites were archery and swimming.
Sruthi – County Fair and Cake Booth – The fair had many different contests and activities, along with the cake booth. Sruthi was the Baker’s Assistant and went there early in the morning to help bake the cakes.
Rhea – End of the Year Party – It was at the High Oaks Cabana Club. There was a potluck held, with a variety of foods and snacks. Football and games (such as tag) were played, and some people swam in the pool. It was very fun.

New Business: National 4H Week- Dublin 4H club will be leading the pledge at the city council meeting on October 3rd. Other things that members can do is wear their uniforms to school or pass

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